People's department

A place to breathe.

Our proprietor Mr. Sandeep Kaliraman strongly believes that organizations are built by people, and without them they are nothing but a lot of idle machines and technology. He believes that the employees are the internal customers of the company. For any business to be successful, its customers need to be happy and satisfied.

There are basically two sets of employees here

  1. The Drivers, who do the core functioning of driving and transporting.
  2. The Administrative Department Personnel, who facilitate the smooth functioning and coordination of the entire business.

With employees as the internal customers, there are various initiatives here at Sandeep Logistics.

Motivation– Every year in August we give rewards like The Best Driver of the Year, The Driver Who Made the Maximum Trips, The Driver Who Made Maximum Early Deliveries etc. Apart from the appreciation they’re given gifts of daily use like Washing Machines, Television or something that the driver desires of.

As for the administration, regular small parties in the office take place with the amount collected as fines from employees if they do not follow rules and regulations. This creates a fun and enjoyable working environment.