About Us


Sandeep Logistics was formed by Mr. Sandeep Kaliraman in 2008 with only 5 car carriers and the financial turnover of ₹ 31 lakhs only. After hard work and brainwork Mr. Sandeep was able to grow into a fleet of 272 car carrier trailers and 135 container vehicles. The company has gathered an experience of 11 years. Mr. Sandeep was joined by his younger brother Mr. Mandeep Singh Kaliraman in 2013 while pursuing his graduation. After 4 years in 2017 he took a break for MBA  and joined again in 2019 after completing his MBA degree providing the Gen Y brains in the organisation. In 2019 the organisation was joined by the next generation blood Mr. Dheeraj Kaliraman.


Sandeep Logistics is into transportation of vehicles, in specific, cars from both OEM business customers (Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai Motors, Toyota etc.) and individual customers. Currently they’re operating in all the four geographical zones of India, namely Eastern, Western, Southern and Northern India.

We transport approximately 5,200 cars every month on an average. To give you a little perspective, Mahindra and Mahindra sold 20,715 passenger cars in the Month of May 2018. 

Currently planning to get into the container segment and have induced 135 containers. (Working with Amul, Delhivery, Maruti Spare Parts already)

How does it work?

For instance, Maruti Suzuki wants to transport a car from its Manesar plant to Ahmedabad. We load the cars from the Manesar plant into our trailer, transport them and deliver it to the destined dealer in Ahmedabad, doing so in a safe and timely fashion. 

As for the individual customers, for instance, if say Ram gets transferred from Delhi to Mumbai and wants to transport his car from Delhi to Mumbai. He can contact us regarding the same and we will try to make the delivery as quickly and safely as possible.



On the technological side, we use GPS to monitor not only location, but also the speed of the vehicles. If the driver is over speeding, we get a notification at the very same instant. This way we can ensure that the driver is driving safely and well under the speed limits.

We also have a strong administrative team with around 50 latest manned computers in place to ensure the smooth functioning of the business. Our entire process is systematic and computerized from as little as the creation of vouchers.


To be a successful logistics provider with special concern for drivers.


  • Ultimate satisfaction of customers and deliver factory condition consignments to delivery destinations.
  • Grow to a 2000 vehicle company with a current portfolio of 300+ trailers and 135 containers.

Sandeep Kaliraman

"Is the CEO and the brains behind Sandeep Logistics.”

Mandeep Singh Kaliraman

"Is the EO and the Gen Y brains in the organisation.”

Dheeraj Kaliraman

"Is the family's next generation into the organisation.”